Fox Hunts

Many Oak View Stables riders are also members of the Longreen Foxhounds. During the chilly winter months, we travel to private farms and fields nestled in the Mississippi delta to ride together on foxhunts. Foxhunting is a time-honored tradition that, today, focuses on the discipline of the horses and the hounds, the comradery of the members, and the strategy of the Master of the Hounds and her Whips (staff riders). New riders gain valuable horsemanship skills as they learn to manage their horses in a group in unique surroundings and terrain. More seasoned members can experience the excitement of cross country riding over jumps and through ditches. We often host potluck meals or meet at local restaurants to socialize afterwards, and everyone has a great time riding and playing in another dedicated horse community. Many members also help care for, nurture, and train Longreen’s Penn-Marydel Hounds.
Don’t worry, our intention is never to harm the fox or coyote, only to glimpse him in his native habitat as he eludes the horses and hounds.

If you’re interested in joining us on a hunt, contact Trey Lawson at 901-409-8954.