Jenny and Callie

Jenny and Calligraphy “Callie” began a great partnership in 2008. Thanks to Rose Marie Lawson and Trey Lawson, they forged a strong bond through many hours of lessons, leading to multiple schooling show series championships from 2008-2014 in the Modified Adult Amateur Hunters and placing in good company at several USEF shows such as the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Their finest accomplishment in the show ring was winning MHJA Champion in 2011. Callie says riding an alpha mare is no easy task! Continued support from the Lawsons and Billy Anderson, along with a spirit of perseverance, has given Jenny and Callie the ride of their dreams. Even more exciting, Jenny took on the challenge of introducing Callie to the Longreen Foxhounds when her former mount, Woody retired to heavenly pastures. First learning to exercise hounds at the coyote pen and following at the rear of the field, Callie developed into a lovely field hunter. Now retired from routine jumping, Callie and Jenny are often seen leading second field behind one of the finest PennMaryDel packs in the country, and still enjoy jumping the occasional log or coop when the hounds are gone away!