Organizations at Oak View Stables

In 2015, Oak View Stables became the host facility of the non-profit organization WarHorses for Heroes.  Trey Lawson and his best friend, Pearson Allen, founded the organization in order to help our local veterans returning from service.  They saw how much the horses and the farm atmosphere helped one of their friends deal with the stresses of returning to civilian life and decided to share this opportunity with the Memphis community.  So, WarHorses for Heroes was established, and since December 2015, almost 200 veterans have participated in equine therapy sessions through this program.  Trey Lawson and Oak View Stables are honored to be able to give back to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.


Oak View Stables is also host to the Mid-South Side Saddle Association, an organization for those interested in learning more about riding astride and about the history of side saddle.  It was founded in 2017 by Bill and Pam Anderson, Dottie and Kayla Benson, Brooke Ballinger, and Laura Lawson. They travel to local schooling and rated horse shows to compete side saddle. They have also taught many of our horses to go aside. We are so excited that they are willing to use many of our school horses in their club. For more information or to get involved, visit them on facebook.