2017 Year End Awards

We are so proud of all of our riders and horses who placed in the Year End Awards in 2017!  Points were tallied and ribbons and prizes were handed out at the Year End Banquet last Saturday night. Thank you so much to all the riders, trainers, parents and horse show staff who made this year’s show season possible.  Congratulations to Kodie Young who was the winner of the 2017 MegFord Horse Show Sportsmanship Award!

Below are all of the awards for riders at Oak View Stables:

In the Baby Green Division, Kayla Benson and Corey were Champion, Jorja Samsel and Corey received 3rd place, and Kodie Young and Bobby received 6th.  Ella Straub and Delta Dawn received 6thplace in Beginner Trot Cavaletti.  In the Beginner W/T Equitation on the Flat division, Emmalee Lentile was awarded silver, and Chandler Pace was awarded bronze.  Emmalee Lentile was Champion with Teamwork and 6th place with Peggy in the Beginner W/T X-rails division.  She was also Champion with Teamwork and 5th place with Peggy in the Beginner W/T/C X-rails division, and Baylee Deaton and Pearl received 4th place.  Emmalee Lentile was awarded Gold in the Beginner W/T/C Equitation on the Flat division.  In the Evergreen Hunter Division, Kayla Benson and Candy were Champion and Anna Grance Vandegrift and Ashland were Reserve Champion.  Kayla Benson and Maddie received 3rd place in Low Schooling Jumpers.  In the Hopeful Jumper Division, Kodie Young and Carmella were Champion and Anna Grace Vandegrift and Jake received 3rd place.  Kodie Young and Camella were also Champion in the Schooling Jumpers division, with Anna Grace and Jake receiving Reserve Champion.  Abbey Vincent was awarded gold in the 2’ Mini Medal Division, and Laura Lawson was awarded Bronze in the 2’6” Mini Medal Division.  Abbey Vincent and DeDe received 3rdplace in the Mini stirrup division.  Laura Lawson and Easy were Champion in the Modified Child/Adult Division, even though he was only with us for half of the season. Easy you will be greatly missed! In the Open Equitation on the Flat, Abbey Vincent was awarded silver, and Ella Straub was awarded bronze.  Chelsey Hessen was awarded silver in Open Equitation on the Flatt II, and Abbey Vincent was awarded bronze in Open Equitation Over Fences.  Kayla Benson and Elly Mae received 5th place in the Pony Hunter Division.  Chelsey Hessen and Galeah were Reserve Champion in the Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Division.  Alisha Skrmetti and Cayce and Ani Blair and Lucky tied for 4th place in Rusty Stirrup.  In the Short Stirrup Division, Abbey Vincent and DeDe were champion and Ella Straub and Pearl received 4th place. In the Younger Open Hunter Division, Abbey Vincent and DeDe were Champion, and Kodie Young and Bobby were Reserve Champion.  And in the cross rails to verticals division, Emmalee Lentile and Peggy received 3rd and Abbey Vincent and DeDe received 5th place.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, we had sooooo many riders win in soooo many divisions!!

We hope to see you all out at the shows in 2018!